Yaffa Sendrowitz

Yaffa Sendrowitz

Yaffa Sendrowitz , an Israeli artist who spent fifteen years in Johannesburg, South Africa, currently resides in Raanana, Israel.


A graduate of the Teacher’s Art College in Tel Aviv and the Academy of Art in Bat-Yam, she studied with such mentors as Eliyahu Bilis, Dan Hoffner, Aba Fenikel, Ran Shchori and Eliyahu Gat.


She has taught hundreds of students over the years both privately and for the Ministry of Education in South Africa and Israel.


Prior to the ‘computer age’, she primarily painted in watercolor. One day, while watching her children easily handle the computer, she too decided to ‘be in the know’ and, in 2004, bought her first laptop and accompanying photoshop guidebooks. As she delved deeper into the ‘photoshop world’ and became more adept at the ‘tricks of the trade’, she felt like “this tool was designed for me” and intuitively adapted her artistic skills to this new and exciting medium. She has since created numerous digital paintings, most of them abstract and highly focused on the movement, texture and composition of the colors and shapes. The final digital compositions are then printed on canvas in a limited edition.


Yaffa says: “This process is deeply intuitive and a direct expression of the deepest crevices of my own soul.  While creating the paintings I am immersed in somewhat of a meditative state wherein the relationship between the colors, textures and shapes organize themselves into a symphony on paper that is like no other. I enter the process with an idea but then the mystery of the process takes over. I like to think that the final composition encapsulates the process itself. The viewer, who initially meets the composition on a merely aesthetic level, is often drawn to experience greater levels of depth evoked by the soulful ‘notes’ on the canvas. I think it is this almost spiritual interaction between the canvas and the viewer that has struck a chord with so many:”


Yaffa has exhibited her art in South Africa and Israel  and most recently at the Castra Gallery in Haifa (I.C.U –International cultural Union). In April 2013 her work will be exhibited at the Bricklane Gallery in London,UK.

“Yaffa Sendrowitz takes us on a journey through geometrical shapes and splashes of color… through concrete reality and imaginative worlds. A gamut of feelings and associations from everyday life guide her conceptual creations. The print is imbued with splashes, shapes and contrasting color. These create a compelling force on the canvas, assembling a certain reality and abstract predicament which is a direct expression of her prolific imagination.”

– The New Castra Gallery, Israel


“Artist Yaffa Sendrowitz creates an atmosphere in space through her breathtaking abstract paintings filled with color, optimism, and expressive freedom. These paintings make it possible for any space to take on a luxurious, unique and artistic look.” 

– AllArt.com