Erez Regev

Erez Regev

Erez writes of his works:

“ I was born with a missing piece in my soul, a piece whose existence I knew nothing about until I felt it fill up. I was 9 years old when my older brother introduced me, for the first time, to the role playing game “Dungeons and Dragons”. It was love at first sight for me. For the first time in my young life, my imagination found a true home – within the game. It was such a wondrous experience that just writing about it still sends chills up my spine.”

The artwork that Erez creates portrays two dimensions of reality at the same time – the reality of everyday life and the fantastic worlds that exist in our imaginations. Both realities reflect each other and complement each other. In Erez’s opinion, one reality is not whole without the other. The characters portrayed experience both realities simultaneously and accept both sides as part of their existence.

Erez Regev, 28, was born in Even Yehuda, where he grew up. He went to Hadassim High School and served in the Israeli Air Force. In 2011, he studied Animation (Department of Screen based Arts) and graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. His latest projects involved creating short video clips for smart phones for the Israeli based “Pops” hi-tech company and illustrating children’s books. Erez is very involved in the various science fiction and fantasy communities and defines himself as a “gamer” – a person who plays role playing games and act out their characters with like minded people. Often, they will dress up in fantastic costumes and play out scenes from their games with their friends in gaming events such as conventions or meets. Regev routinely contributes  game designs, artwork and visual aids for games and role playing conventions


Erez Regev – Story – 102 X 158

In “Story”, a young woman is sitting in an auditorium during a sci-fi convention and reading a book. Her dragon is curled up around her, reading over her shoulder. Or maybe she’s reading the story aloud to her dragon. For her, it’s the most natural thing in the world to be reading a story to her dragon in the auditorium. (102  X 158, oil on canvas, 2012)

Waiting at the Station

Erez Regev – Waiting at the Station – 45 X 115.5

“Waiting at the Station” shows a group of “gamers” involved in an impromptu fantasy battle while waiting for their bus. The two bystanders, bound by conventions of proper behavior, do not appreciate the vibrant fantasy happening around them and disapprove of the breaking of etiquette. (45  X115.5, oil on canvas, 2012)