Megi Rome

Megi Rome

Megi Rome was born and raised in the area which is one of the world’s most beautiful, Tbilissi, Georgia’s Capital, melting pot of East and west, diverse populations of Christians, Georgians Jews, Gypsies, Armenian, Russians and others.

Around the stimulation of countless richness in Ballet, Theater, Poetry and Literature, Ancient history and colorful inspirational with diverse and breathtaking landscapes.

Modern cities on the one hand and Villages scattered around and in life have not changed much from the Middle Ages.

The oldest daughter of a young couple, Patriarchal Jewish family where a daughter’s task is to help her mother with the housekeeping in order to bring her up as  the perfect housewife,  marry at a young age  and raise a family in the same format.

I was a prodigy who was born with a paintbrush in hand , was considered a genius at school,  playing and dancing, While the house had rejected the skills and never gave a small compliment or reinforcement. A look of affection  or embrace ungrudging.

That is why  I  created my imaginary lands where the endless golden fields of wheat  accepted me with open arms.

The Sequel of chopping my wings was forced marriages in a young age  without love…

The journey to my personal freedom took long, racking and painful years  and included voluntary giving up the most luxurious material life.

New life began : without a penny and non- promising economically art skills and along with a lovely 4 year old boy, standing in front of the whole Georgian community resistance which was threatened by the breakage of a  traditional value of “no divorce in our community.”

My art is a product of my life, my adventures, my experiences, my dreams. They contain elements of a strict framework versus freedom .

Use of musical elements to find a way of translating Both languages, music and painting to each other and create a synthesis of personal and general language and all along looking for the infinite form of sublime beauty and yet accessible.

My paintings are filled with  love and compassion of our troubled world, People who surrender to their fate or those who are searching for their dreams.

My paintings are my love for you

Both ends of the range of the artist’s style,  figurative up to abstract is wide as well as diversified.

All the work is characterized by a multitude of tiered, compressed bright, colorful light of Byzantine/Classic, which is usually on the platform of the wooden double of  40” *  40”  on average, technique which has developed by Megi is accomplished with the years in which the painting has a  ground of  3 dimensions, sculptural. to paint on such a platform creates difficulty and challenge for the skill of the painter.

Many opposites are revealed in her works: Light and darkness, rationality and emotion, spiritual and material, concrete and abstract, up to images of symbolization to the iconic characteristics find expression in various topics of interest to the artist.

Places where she lived and drew its culture, the here “and there”, together with the perspective of time, the perspective of consciousness and perspective as picturesque as the value and reality and art.

Painting, music and memory crystallize Megi from her native adult swimming today in Tel Aviv,

As a painter and pianist, her work combines the worlds of painting and music, and find where the

balance between the metaphysical concrete image, she sees the writings of the great composers’

character states of their lives and raises them to an art as an expression of the reporter  image.

Musical note becomes a plastic image, rhythm and movement characters become formal rhythm

and rhythmic tools such as a metronome and watch – Perceptual symbolization. Color and light with

Byzantine and classical properties suggest a cycle of day and night  Kingdom of the passage

of time.

All this creates a symphony of color, form and sensuality with meditative dynamics.

Exhibition curated by Arie Berkowitz  at the Artists House, Tel Aviv, wrote: “the

painter Wassily Kandinsky saw already in 1912 the relationship between abstract  art, music and

spirituality. Megi Rome, a contemporary artist, creates a perception that she knows to combine the rich and sensual abstract images in music, the rhythmic momentum to get her metaphysical”….

From the words of Curator: Dr. Anton Biedermann