Dr Heschi Rotmensch

Dr Heschi Rotmensch

Heschi Rotmensch,

Heschi Rotmensch was born in Poland and raised in post-war Germany. A physician by training, and an artist by heart, he specialized in Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology, and practiced in academic medicine in Germany, the US, and Israel.

Art and medicine touch us in unique and yet similar ways. As a physician, Dr. Rotmensch has been exposed to the pain and suffering of human beings, but also to their strengths and passion for life. The intensity of these fundamental forces of the human condition are reflected in his use of color and shape. His work speaks about contrasts, the powerful interplay between positive and negative, light and dark, shape and line. In it, we are reminded of our own strengths and weaknesses, with the profound input of the subconscious. We are drawn into a world of energies, in which the solid interplays with the ephemeral.

Not surprisingly, his art work originated in the human encounter with a patient, an artist and art teacher. His path in search of artistic expression inspired him to take painting classes at the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, followed by painting classes with the artist and teacher Miguel Tomer, who has remained his mentor to the present day.

Heschi Rotmensch’s Previous Exhibitions

October 2010             Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel-Aviv Harbor

December 2011         Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel-Aviv Harbor

September 2012         TAVi Art Gallery, Neve Zedek, Tel-Aviv