Ariella Leiser

Ariella Leiser

Ariella Leiser,

born in Haifa, Israel. And  began to sculpt  at the age of 18.

B.A degree in Economics and Accounting from the Tel-Aviv University.

Married and  mother of 3 children.

Artist Class  at the Avni Art School in Tel-Aviv, under the guidance of Jacob Dorchin: this wonderful artist made her  discover the world of Iron sculpting.

Then continued with Art Studies at the “Basis School” under the direction of the sculptor David Zandelovicz.

Today, she  manages a Workshop of independent sculptors in Raanana, Israel. This is where she creates .

Ariella gathers and collects iron rods – a hard and cold material – and gives them a new life…With physical labor, plying and welding, she transforms the material in elaborate, abstract compositions. In some works you can find figures, ballet dancers in tutu, a merry clown or a couple in love.

The Sculpture “Joined”  is a linear work of a Man and a Woman sitting on a bench. Maybe a kind of dialog with the famous sculpture of Henri Moore “King and Queen”. The sculpture expresses the intensity and power in a mature relationship.

The various bronze sculptures are the expression of different periods and moods in her life:

Period – The MERGE,   Mood  – POKER FACE , Gentleness and Love – HANDS.

Ariella declares that for her, sculpting is the freedom to create “What she wants, the way she wants it!”

Ariella Leiser’s Previous Exhibitions

August 2012     – Excursion in Colors – Beit Sokolov – Tel-Aviv.

February 2012 –  Insight – Picasso Gallery – Haifa

March 2011 – Line And Material – Art Gallery Rishpon.

December 2010 – “MAGMA”  Ha’Agam Gallery  – Raanana

May 2006 –  Soul Views – Eshkol Pais – Rmat-Hasharon.