Rafael Zatorski

Rafael Zatorski

Rafael Zatorski

I do believe in art that maintains the right proportions between intelligence and feelings. My work is based on my experiences and the way I look and understand life. There is a direct connection between the subjects and the symbolism they carry, and they are all representing different stages in my life as a child and as an adult, and the title of each work, it is in a way part of the work itself.

Refael Zatorski – Techniques and Styles

Nothing is conventional about the materials I use for my works.

Every new piece I create has been elaborated in my thoughts step by step before it reaches the painting stand. I see the finished work before I started painting it, and that means, reason, materials and manifestation.

I like to describe my work as “visual poetry”, because I use metaphors to express ideas, thoughts and opinions, while still staying devoted to my values without feeling nude to the public eye.

The titles of my works are part of the work itself, and at times, I even physically plant it in some of my works.

I haven’t finished experimenting with new materials, and I believe I will keep experimenting till I can’t create no more.

There will be always what to say and express………….I just must find the right way to do it.

Rafael Zatorski.